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Windham County ZIP Codes
LocationZIP Code(s)Actual Name (per USPS)
LocationZIP Code(s)Actual Name (per USPS)
Abington, CT06230(Abbington, CT is a misspelling)
Ashford, CT06278
Attawaugan, CTunknown
Ballouville, CT06233
Brooklyn, CT06234WWW.BrooklynCT.Org (external Site)
Brooklyn Correctional Institution06234(Brooklyn)
Canterbury, CT06331
Chaplin, CT06235
Chestnut Hill, CT06226(Willimantic, CT)
Conantville, CT06226(Willimantic, CT)
Danielson, CT06239
Dayville, CT06241
East Brooklyn, CT06239(Danielson, CT)
East Killingly, CT06243
East Putnam, CT06260(Putnam, CT)
East Thompson06277(Thompson, CT)
Eastford, CT06242WWW.Munic.State.CT.US/eastford/eastford.htm (external Site)
Elliot, CT06259
Fabyan, CT06245(Fabian, CT is a misspelling)
Ekonk, CTunknown
Elmville, CTunknown
Grosvenordale, CT06246(Grosvenor Dale, CT is a misspelling)
Hampton, CT [H1]06247
Killingly, CT [K1] none [K2]WWW.Killingly.Org (external Site)
Killingly Center, CT06241(Dayville, CT)
Mechanicsville, CT [M1]06277(Thompson, CT)
Moosup, CT06354
North Grosvenordale, CT06255(North Grosvenor Dale, CT is a misspelling)
North Sterling, CT06377(Sterling, CT)
North Windham, CT06235, 06256
Oneco, CT06373
Perkins Corner, CT06226(Willimantic, CT)
Plainfield, CT [P1]06374
Pomfret, CT06258
Pomfret Center, CT06259
Putnam, CT06260WWW.PutnamCT.US(external Site)
Putnam Heights, CT06260(Putnam, CT)
Quaddick State Forest06277(Thompson, CT)
Quinebaug, CT06262(Quinnebaug, CT is a misspelling)
Rhodesville, CT06260(Putnam, CT)
Rogers, CT06263(Rodgers, CT is a misspelling)
Sawyer District, CT06260(Putnam, CT)
Scotland, CT06264
South Killingly, CT06239(Danielson, CT)
South Windham, CT06266
South Woodstock, CT06267
Sterling, CT06377
Thompson, CT [T1]06277
Warrenville, CT [W1]06278
Wauregan, CT06387
Willimantic, CT06226
Windham, CT06280
Woodstock, CT06281WWW.TownOfWoodstock.Com (external Site)
Woodstock Valley, CT06282

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[H1] Hampton, CT in Windham County should not be confused with East Hampton, CT (a town in Middlesex County).
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[K1] Killingly, CT in Windham County should not be confused with Killingworth, CT (a town in Middlesex County).
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[K2] Killingly, CT in Windham County has no Post Office or ZIP Code of its own. The Town of Killingly, CT is composed of the Borough of Danielson, plus the six villages of Attawaugan, Ballouville, Dayville, East Killingly, Rogers, and South Killingly. Killingly's Web Site, WWW.Killingly.Org (external Site), is a goldmine of information!
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[M1] Mechanicsville, CT (near Thompson, CT) in Windham County has the same name as Mechanicsville, CT (just north of Granby, CT) in Hartford County.
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[P1] Plainfield, CT in Windham County should not be confused with Plainville, CT (a town in Hartford County).
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[T1] Thompson, CT in Windham County should not be confused with Thompsonville, CT (a village in Hartford County) or Thomaston, CT (a town in Litchfield County).
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[W1] Warrenville, CT in Windham County should not be confused with Warren, CT (a village in Litchfield County).
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